CEPEA IS structured as follows :

a. General Assembly
The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Church. It is composed of all Pastors, heads of local Churches, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and representatives of women and the young of every Region. The General Assembly meets once a year in ordinary sitting. However, it can be convened in extraordinary sitting whenever it is deemed necessary due to specific circumstances.

(b) Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is composed of five regional Pastors, Executive Committee and five technical advisers in different areas. The Board of Directors meets once a quarter to examine reports of the Executive Committee and steer the Church’s functioning. It also defines different policies to be tracked. Besides, this organ identifies strategies for implementing the policies and decisions taken by the General Assembly.

(c)Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is tasked with daily management of the Church. It meets at least once a month and whenever it is deemed necessary. This organ implements the decisions and recommendations of the General Assembly. It appoints and supervises the staff of different departments and services after they have been approved by the Board of Directors.

(d) Regions
The Region is a grouping of local Churches operating within an ecclesiastical sphere. It is controlled by a regional Pastor. The latter supervises the implementation of the decisions taken by the General Assembly as well as the recommendations and orders provided by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on local Churches’ level.

(e) Local Churches
The 30 local Churches are entities regrouping Parishes. They are headed by Pastors who are appointed by the Executive Committee. The latter informs the Board of Directors about the appointment.

(f) Parishes
The parishes are entities regrouping chapels headed by Pastors who are appointed by the Executive Committee. The latter informs the Board of Directors about the appointment.

(g) Chapels
A chapel is CEPEA’s basic administrative entity wherein CEPEA’s membership modes and disciplinary procedures are implemented.

(h) Technical organs
On top of the administrative entities above listed, technical organs are assigned to examine various technical problems coming up in CEPEA and implement decisions taken by upper echelons. The technical organs include :

– Department of evangelization and Life of the Church
– Finance Department
– Administration and Human Resources Department
– Operations Department

It is worthwhile to mention as well management committees, development committees, women, youth, men, and the choirs committees on all levels